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Aloha everyone. Although my site is titled "Mikes Hawaiian Adventures", it also includes my travels around the world. I have lived in Hawaii several years now, which is why the main emphasis of this site is about discovering Hawaii.  I really enjoy the weather here, as I am an "outdoors" kind of guy, always looking for a new adventure.  I am originally from northern California, and one day I decided I needed a fresh start away from old memories. I packed up all my things, my cars, my jet skis, and most importantly my dog "Apache" and followed my heart here. Living here has it's downfalls, as everyone is so transient, making it hard to form any meaningful relationships. I find it easier to not get too close to anyone and avoid the inevitable sad goodbyes in a couple weeks.  I just concentrate on keeping myself busy running my California based business and teaching scuba diving classes about 15 times a month out of Waikiki.  I am also an avid hiker and explorer.  Sometimes I just jump in my jeep and take a drive on a sunny day to see what I can find.  I thoroughly enjoy traveling to other countries, and plan on doing a lot more in the coming years.  I created this site to share my experiences with family as well as provide information to all you visitors to the Islands.  As you can see, I take a lot of pictures, because I love photography, and I am constantly trying to improve my picture taking abilities and trying to learn how to capture those perfect moments above water and below.  I am also teaching myself how to play the keyboard, and while it is not an easy task, I practice 6 days a week in hopes that in another year or two I will become proficient playing.  I hope you enjoy my site, and maybe we will run into each other during your visit.  Feel free to email me if you want ideas other then what I have on the site so far.  Remember, when you visit Hawaii, live "Aloha" and leave all your mainland stresses behind.   Mahalo!


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