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I had visited the Islands several times over the last 7 years and made the decision at the end of 2020 to move here. I had endured a dark chapter in my life emotionally for the previous five years, so I really needed some fresh air and fresh perspective on life. packed up all my things, and my vehicles, along with my dog "Apache", the most mellow husky you could ever meet, and moved here to the island of Oahu in January 2021. I still  own and operate my gym in Northern California which I run remotely and for  "fun money", I am a scuba diving instructor working out of Waikiki. I enjoy  getting out hiking whenever I can. I also own a 14' surf ski, which I take out when the waves are not high. I also have two jet skis which I take out from time to time. I just couldn't bear to leave them behind in California. I like to travel and go on adventures, so I will be visiting several countries that are on my wish list. If there is one complaint I could lodge about living on the island, is that dating really "sucks" here  lol. I have had  conversations with many single people that live here and it seems to be the common thought. So many tourists out and about, which makes it  hard to run into someone local. My first visit to Hawaii, several years ago, I stayed on the islands of Maui and The Big Island". I fell in love with Maui, which is known for its stunning natural beauty and more relaxed atmosphere. I try to hop over there at least once a year. The "big island" overflows with scenic beauty such as rain forests, waterfalls, rainbows, snow capped mountains and gorgeous beaches with white, black and  even green sand! There is just a different vibe when you walk or drive around here. I look forward to enjoying many new  adventures here, and overseas. With any luck, maybe, just maybe, a little love will come my way from that special person that I haven't yet met.   Mahalo!

Thanks for Stopping By!

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