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Moanalua Valley Trail to the top
of Haiku Stairs (Stairway to Heaven)

10.5 miles   5,029ft elevation   Out/Back Trail
AllTrails lists it as Hard

This trail was definitely long, hot and challenging in many spots.  A lot of steep climbs in many places, so as always, my spikes came in very handy. There were quite a few steep inclines, and they were not short stints, so it was difficult, but not undo-able. It was one of those hikes, where you know what's at the end, and you push yourself mentally and physically to get there.  Its a thousand dollar fine, if you get caught trying to go up them from the bottom, so going the back way, albeit a lot longer, is definitely easier on your wallet. The stairs were closed back in 1987 for safety reasons, so they are like the forbidden fruit for a lot of visitors to the Island.  Once you get to the top, there is a nice little area to rest, eat and drink.  Then you can traverse down the stairs as far as you want, to get some great pictures. It took me 4 hours to get to the top, and then 3 hours to get back down.  Do bring plenty of water.  I froze a few bottles also, which works out nicely, cause by the time they thaw, you are ready for a cold drink. I took my time both ways, stopping for pictures and water, so you could probably do it a little faster.  It was well worth it to me to do this hike!

This is the "real" trail start on the left when the walking trail comes to an end.
This is what you are looking for.  The satellite marks the top of the stairs!
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