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Friendship Gardens Trail

.5 miles   196ft elevation   Loop Trail
AllTrails lists it as Easy

This was a nice hike through the forest with some good views. I think it was a little longer then a half a mile. It's located high above Kaneohe Bay on ten beautiful acres of trees, flowers, birds and solitude.

Very limited parking close to the trailhead.  I think there were 4 spots right in front of it and then hit or miss on street parking.  Also, if tires are on the road you could be ticketed.  My back tire seems a little close.  Luckily no ticket when I got back.

The start of the trail is up these steps..

Some nice trail signs which is a luxury for hikes on the island.

First view through the trees

Another peek out to the bay.

A cool little bridge along the way.

Uphill a little to a better viewpoint.

Some nice cook pines

A final push up the hill to the end viewpoint.

That's the Marine Base across the way.

Such a gorgeous day to get some fresh air on a shorter, easier hike.

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