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Laie Falls Hike

7.9 miles   1,883ft elevation   Out & Back Trail
AllTrails lists it as Hard

So parking is limited on the street before the main entrance road

Entrance Road.  What I learned after is that you could save yourself a little walk and drive down this road to the trailhead.

When I saw this sign, I was thinking maybe they tow people driving in.  But now I don't think so.  Mental note for next time.

It was a nice walk though.

After passing a few property's, you will see this sign on the left side of the road.

Just to the left of it is the beginning of the trail.

First uphill jaunt.

Second uphill jaunt.

Then you break out into some wide open trail.

... and your first nice view along the way.

A little more uphill.  It had rained two days before, so I imagine this could get muddy, but it had dried quick with the sun beating down on it.

A little more eroded terrain to traverse.

... and yes. Some more eroded terrain.  This area must get a lot of rain.

Another viewpoint.

Another uphill section.

Back into the trees we go.

Another nice view point of the surrounding area.

Just to the left of it is the beginning of the trail.

A little open tail for a while.

Another little steeper uphill climb.

Which led to a really nice view down to the ocean.

This interesting tree caught my eye.

A nice Cook Pine forest section.

Another nice view down to the ocean.

Some more nice views of the valley.

Just to the left of it is the beginning of the trail.

... and then I saw this on a tree.  It kinda looked like a monkeys face to me??

One final view before the falls.  Getting close.

And finally, we are here.  A nice sign to tell you go right to the falls or straight ahead to the summit.

Caution from here. It is a steep downhill to the falls.  I wear these wherever I need them on hikes.  They really help A LOT.  From Amazon, of course.

Ropes to help.  Very welcome.

And finally you will see the lower level falls come into view at the bottom.

A quick selfie with the lower falls

On the right side of the falls, there is a rope you can use to go up to the second level.  Use caution here.

A view from the top of the first level

Almost deep enough for a swim

And there she is... the second level falls.

Another quick selfie with the upper falls

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