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Ka'au Crater Ridge Trail

7.3 miles   2,211ft elevation   Loop Trail

AllTrails lists it as Hard

Not gonna lie.  This trail was definitely challenging in parts.  As always, wet/muddy in a lot of places.  Quite a few ropes in places that really came in handy, and some steps, either man-made or cut into the slope, really helped out. 


Three beautiful waterfalls along the way as well as the stream you cross or follow.  After you reach the third waterfall, you can backtrack to the beginning if you don't feel like doing the whole rim.


At one point, before the final push to the top (the picture with the arrows on it), I almost turned back, but then I saw 2 folks halfway up, so I said "what the hell, go big or go home!"


I'm glad I finished it. Stopped for two 10 minute lunches, several water breaks, and pictures.  I didn't take any pictures on the way down.  I was concentrating on not falling on my ass.  Most of trail descending was overgrown, trees overhead or downward slopes with either foot holds or roots in several spots.  Overall, it took me 9 hours.  Bring plenty of water.  I wore spikes which helped immensely.

Waterfall #1
Waterfall #2
Waterfall #3
This is a good place to turn around if you don't want to do the whole ridge.
Big steep push up the ridge (blue arrows)
A few inclines but mostly downhill from here, back to the beginning
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