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Wiliwilnui Ridge Trail

4.7 miles   1,617ft elevation   Out/Back Trail

AllTrails lists it as Moderate

This trail was challenging in parts, but I really enjoyed it.  This was not an easy hike in places.  Why you ask?  Because I just had regular sneakers on and it was muddy in several places, making it just a little (did I say little) slippery in places.  On this hike, I met a couple from overseas, and she had on removable shoe spikes.  Ahhhh, the light bulb came on in my head and immediately ordered a pair from Amazon. A few ropes in places that really came in handy, especially on the return trip.  Some steps, either man-made or cut into the slope really helped out. It ends at a nice open spot with a bench, overlooking some beautiful views.  I get such an amazing feeling when I arrive at my destination.  Such a sense of accomplishment. On the way back, I was definitely trying not to slide down the hill in several spots.  Had to turn around backwards several times to go down certain sections, mostly on the top third of the trail. It was almost more difficult going down then it was up.  As with all the hikes, bring plenty of water, and a nice hand towel comes in handy to wipe your sweat.  Long hike, but worth it for the views and of course, the personal challenge!

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