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Ehukai Pillbox Hike

2.3 miles   734ft elevation   Loop Trail
AllTrails lists it as Moderate

This was a nice hike.  The trailhead is in the Sunset Elementary School parking lot in Haleiwa.  Some parking available in the school parking lot. The hike starts out through the woods, but you start to see views after you traverse a butt/thigh crunching hill.  A very nice view when you get to the Pillbox.  There is the main hike to the Pillbox, and then there is a loop hike connected to the trail which goes through the woods and passes a really interesting rock quarry where people have made a bunch of small rock "statues", for lack of a better word.  This loop is more for exercise, then anything else.  After the fact, I realized there was a least one more bunker off the trail that I didn't visit, so if you go, be on the lookout for signs. 

Can get a little muddy through here.

Uphill we go....

Some welcome ropes if you need them.  Time to work your butt/thigh muscles...

Oooh, you thought you were done?

Roots LOL.... always roots!

Starting to break out of the trees for some views

Time to stop and check out the view.  Getting close to the Pillbox.

There it is......

Gorgeous view in both directions

My sentiments exactly!

To hike the loop, follow the path to the right of the Pillbox

I don't know what this is, but it was very interesting.  Someone send me an email that knows please.

It's really cool that some locals take care of the trail. Mahalo nui loa.

There a few different trails connected to the loop.  I think one of these goes to other Pillboxes.

Veer to the left.... at least, that's the way I went.

Veer to the right.  Again, at least that's what I did.

At this point, veer to the left down the slope.  I ended up backtracking a little bit back to this point when I realized "trail" towards the right didn't seem like the way to go and AllTrails confirmed.

This is the rock "quarry" that I spoke about.

You can start to see the rock "totems", for lack of a better word, that people have created.

More along the way as we head back towards the Pillbox

Not much caught my eye after this, as shortly you will end up back at the Pillbox.  Mahalo

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