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Hawaii Loa Ridge

4.5 miles   1463ft elevation   Out & Back
AllTrails lists it as Hard

This was a pretty nice hike.  You must have a Hawaii state ID to hike this trail. There is a guard at the gate. If your visiting the island, make a local friend to do it. A little on the long side and it was a thigh burner in several spots.  Trail was generally easy to follow and beautiful views of the north and south sides of the island.


This is the entry road off of I-72

Its a gated community.  They only give out 10 passes at a time, so you may have to wait a bit.  Arriving early in the morning is your best bet.

Small parking lot.  10 spaces, so thats why 10 passes.

First nice view on the way.

The trail gets a little wider for a bit.

Gets a little tight in this eroded section.

Trail gets out in the open on an incline.

Back into the trees again.  A steeper incline of mostly roots.

Down some stairs.  The trail goes up and down following the ridge line.

Back out in the open and a little overgrown.

Another steeper incline of steps.

Back into an overgrown section.  I wear shorts when I hike, but if your skin is susceptible to cuts, you might want to wear long pants.

Another steeper incline with more steps.

The stairs lead to another beautiful view.

After the beautiful view, you have to navigate a thin, uphill eroded section.

The final steep push up the stairs to the end!

Agogeous view and I just beat the clouds rolling in.

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