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Judd Trail / Nu'uanu Trail / Pauoa Flats Trail Combo

6 miles   1528ft elevation   Loop / Out & Back Loop Trail
AllTrails lists it as Moderate

This is my second attempt at doing this hike.  As you saw in the Judd Trail / Nu'uanu Trail Combo Hike Attempt #1, I got rained out from a torrential downpour.  So it was time to try again.  This time I definitely went the way I should of on my first attempt. Go around the Judd Trail Loop to the left, and then head up the Nu'uanu Trail, and then come back around the back half of Judd Trail over to the waterfall.  I did not go over to the waterfall this time but am copying pictures here from the first try. The trail was marked pretty good with some switch backs, so as long as your paying attention, and/or using the AllTrails App, you should be okay. The trail did not seem too hard, but that is just my opinion.  What may be hard or easy for me, may be the opposite for others.  That's why I refrain from saying a certain part is hard, etc.  The trail head is on Nu'uanu Road on the right side.  Limited parking but seems to be enough available.  I re-took pictures from the beginning and made note where I was stopped before.

Not too far in, look left to the sound of running water.  There is a small waterfall just off the trail. It was not running strong this time around.

A little further along you will come to a stream you have to cross.

Go left to head clockwise around the Judd Loop towards the Nu'uanu Trail.

Lots of pretty cool bamboo to the right.

Roots :-)  Always roots.  Take a left up ahead.

Getting close.  The entry to Nu'uanu is coming up on the left.

Here we go.  No rain in sight this time.

Yes!  Please follow!  Help protect our trails!

Take a right.

Make a left here.

The trail will seem to come to an end, but go up the roots to the right.

Take a left here.

Taking a left here.

Looks like it ends here.  Take a hard left.

Take a left here.  Lot of switchbacks on this trail!

Take a right here.

Take a left here.

Take a right here. Can someone spell s-w-i-t-c-h-b-a-c-k !

Take a left here.

Obstacle ahead.  Over or under?

Take a right here.

Starting to see some daylight.

Time for some views along the way!

Take a left!

Watch your step here!

Take a right

Under we go...

Under again!  I had to crawl cause of my backpack :-)

Heading 3

Interesting Tree

This is where I got rained out at the first time

Please help protect our trees!

A welcome bench to take a water break

Another great view spot!

Nice spot to take a rest and water break if you need.

Just a little obstacle course :-)

Take a left at the sign.  Short trek on Pauoa Flats Trail

I'm thinking over, not under

Stay to the left here, unless to want to hike to Manoa Falls

A little muddy ahead

Under again, jeez!

....and over.  Definitely muddy.  Hope you hike it when its dry.

Wide open view.  End of trail just ahead

Nice little bench to sit on to take in the view

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