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Judd Trail / Nu'uanu Trail Combo

6 miles   1528ft elevation   Loop / Out & Back Loop Trail
AllTrails lists it as Moderate

Started this hike on a partly sunny day.  My plan was to go around the Judd Trail Loop to the left, go up Nu'uanu Trail, and then come back around the back half of Judd Trail over to the waterfall.  So I must have been lost in thought, because I went to the right and over to the waterfall.  No worries.  I headed around the back side and started up the Nu'uanu Trail and got as far as the blue line on the map.  A torrential downpour hit me, so I tried to wait it out, but 20 minutes later and no let-up, I decided to head back down, and try again another day.  The trail was marked pretty good with some switch backs, so as long as your paying attention, and/or using the AllTrails App, you should be okay. The trail did not seem too hard, but that is just my opinion.  What may be hard or easy for me, may be the opposite for others.  Thats why I refrain from saying a certain part is hard, etc.

The trail head is on Nu'uanu Road on the right side.  Limited parking but seems to be enough available.

Not too far in, look left to the sound of running water.  There is a small waterfall just off the trail.

After getting back on the trail, a little further along you will come to a stream you have to cross.

Decisions, decisions.  As I said above, I was supposed to go left, but I went right.  That's okay.  Follow along.

Lots of pretty cool bamboo to the right.

First obstacle.... over or under, hmmmm.

There she is!  With a huge plunge pool.

Alright, heading on the back side of Judd Trail to Nu'uanu Trail.  So go right when leaving the falls.

Make a hard left here....

Look to your right along the way and you will see the start of Nu'uanu Trail.

The trail will seem to come to an end, but go up the roots to the right.

Make a hard left (switchback)

I think this was another hard left (switchback)

Another obstacle.....under we go!

Hard right (switchback)

First view out of the trees!

Hard left (switchback)

Well, this is as far as I got.... torrential downpour uuuggghhh.  To be continued another day!

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