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Kalauao Falls Hike

3 miles   -1000ft elevation   Loop Trail
AllTrails lists it as Hard

Overall this was a pretty enjoyable hike. The trail was marked pretty good and not too hard on the leg muscles.  The trek down to the falls was very steep and I would definitely recommend shoe spikes if you have them or very good hiking shoes.  Gloves help out a lot also when going down to the falls and the trek back up to the top of the trail.  Unfortunately the falls were not running good when I did this hike.  We hadn't had a good rain in a little while.  I did not do the full loop.  I marked out the part I did not do in black on the map.  So I kinda figured I went about 3 miles total, and the negative elevation because had to go down into the valley floor to get to the falls.

Bathrooms and....

Plenty of Parking.  A real luxury for hiking trails on the island!

Look Familiar?  Yup.  Been here before.  My first hike on the island was this trail.

Watch your time if your heading out late.

Here we go.  About 10-15 minutes on Aiea Loop and then you take a right off the path.

A nice couple of benches to enjoy the view.  Your not tired already??  :-)

First peak out of the trees.

A tree tunnel...

Out in the open!

If i'm not mistaken, this is all bamboo.

Nice view down to the ocean.

Getting wider now.  Getting close to the turnoff.

Here it is.  Take a right.  Someone even put a chalk line on the dirt!

Starting down towards the valley.  This is not the "steep" part yet!

Here we go!  Steep decline ahead!

Pictures don't do it justice.  Steep downward path, approx. -50 degree angle maybe... just guessing! Math whizzes, correct me!  Only one rope in the beginning.

Yes!! Made it to the bottom.  I feel going down is harder then going up sometimes! 

Stream pretty dry...not looking good for a fast running falls  :-(

This is what you would like to see.  (not my picture)

Head upstream all the way to the falls.  If stream running good, there are trails on both sides to use.  You will zig-zag across the stream about 8 or so times.

Somebody left a totem.  Just like Lanakai Pillbox Hike.

There it is, up ahead. As I figured, not running good.  That's ok.  Good hike overall.

Time for a selfie....found a good rock to set camera on.

I shot a little video also.  I love my camera.  Shoots such high def.

Heading 3

This is what the falls can look like (not my picture)

After taking a nice break, it's time to head back and tackle the steep incline out of the valley.

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