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Kolowalu Trail Hike

2.3 miles   196ft elevation   Out & Back
AllTrails lists it as Moderate

Kolowalu Trail actually starts where a previous hike that I have gone on: Pu'u Pia Trail, also starts. The trail was mostly in the forest with some nice views along the way as I got closer to the end. It was definitely a calorie burner, as it was mostly long ascents, with a little relief here and there.

As always, hopefully you get lucky finding a parking space.

Start of the trail right next to the mailbox.

Take a right as shown.

Lots of inclines along the way.  Here a very welcome rope for going up or down.

A longer incline section leading to the first viewpoint.

A little tricky here for footing.  Uphill and slanted.

Another nice viewpoint

Hang a sharp left up the hill.

Final gorgeous view before heading back.

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