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I visited Japan in 11/22 right after it opened back up to all individual tourists on 10/12/22.  


Enjoy the pictures!

Iwatayama Monkey Park

Iwatayama Monkey Park is a park located in Arashiyama in Kyoto. The park is on Mt Arashiyama and it is inhabited by a troop of over 120 Japanese macaque monkeys. The animals are wild but can be fed food purchased at the site.

Tenryu-ji Temple

Tenryū-ji, formally known as Tenryū Shiseizen-ji, is the head temple of the Tenryū-ji branch of the Rinzai sect of Zen Buddhism, located in Susukinobaba-chō, Ukyō Ward, Kyoto, Japan. The temple was founded by Ashikaga Takauji in 1339, primarily to venerate Gautama Buddha, and its first chief priest was Musō Soseki. 

Kyoto Tower

Kyoto Tower is an observation tower located in Kyoto, Japan. The steel tower is the tallest structure in Kyoto with its observation deck at 100 metres and its spire at 131 metres. The 800-ton tower stands atop a 9-story building, which houses a 3-star hotel and several stores. 

North of Kyoto

Kanabiki Waterfall

This is the Kanabiki waterfall in the hilly outskirts of Miyazu, a small town in the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture. The only waterfall in Kyoto Prefecture to make the list of the 100 best waterfalls in Japan, Kanabiki waterfall is beautiful and refreshing and plays host to a bi-annual fire festival in the last weekend of July when the waterfall is spectacularly set on fire to the sounds of pounding drums and dancing priestesses.

Koto Falls

Koto Falls is one of the other famous waterfalls in Kyoto Japan that is 40 meters tall. The water falls down in 13 strings which led to the name of this beauty.

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