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Lanakai Pillbox Hike

1.8 miles   649ft elevation   Out/Back Trail
AllTrails lists it as Moderate

This is a relatively calm hike, with nice views all the way up. You can't park near the trailhead, so I parked down at the beach and walked up to it.  Less then a 10 minute walk. There are several bun/thigh buster spots, one right in the beginning, but they are over quickly.  No real shade on the way up, so I would definitely bring enough water and sunscreen if you burn easy.  There are 3 pillboxes, spread apart almost evenly.  There are plenty of views on the way up, and on the sunny day I was here, there was a nice cool breeze in several spots, and a really nice breeze on top of the pillboxes.  You can go inside each one and check out the artwork left behind by previous hikers.  I started this hike at 10am.  I would probably go a little earlier if I were you, to beat the heat, if the heat gets to you easy.  This seems like it would be a great early morning hike to watch the sunrise.  The trail can be slippery in parts, especially going down.  I always wear removable spikes on every hike I go on, even if it seems like I wont need them.  I think I will do this hike again to watch the sunrise and go all the way to the 3rd pillbox.  I only went to the first two this time, because I was heading to Waimanalo Beach next, to document this beach for my site.

Right across the street from the fancy country club is the trailhead
Take note of this sign.  There is basically no shade on this hike

So right from the start, a thigh buster up the hill!

First nice view!

A really super view of the valley.  Hopefully it's clearer sky's when you go!

Another short bun-buster!

First Pillbox in sight

Gorgeous view!  You can kick back on top of the pillbox and take it al in!

Another short bun-buster on the way to the second pillbox.

Up we go again.

Second Pillbox in sight

Another viewpoint.  Just beautiful!  I love Hawaii!!

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