Lulumahu Falls Hike

1.6 miles   931ft elevation   Out & Back Trail
AllTrails lists it as Moderate

Overall this was a pretty descent hike.  I did get off track a little in the beginning, so I cut over to the left into the clearing.  The lack of trail markers again, led to a little confusion, for me anyway, as there were multiple trail off-shoots.  Definitely pay attention to the AllTrails App if you have it.  The falls were running pretty good.  I climbed up to all three levels..  The first two levels were a pretty moderate climb.  The third level was a little dicey doing by myself, as there was no ropes and have to always think about falling backward and really hurting yourself with no one around.  I had the falls all to myself for about 30 minutes. The hike back was okay, but again, pay attention, because I ended up backtracking a little bit a couple times.  At the end, instead of cutting back through the forest back to the trail head, I followed the dirt road all the way out and ended up at the left side of the parking lot, which was fine by me.

You will quickly come to a fork ahead

Took the left fork first

You will come across this fence hole to the open area.

 I backtracked to the right fork to check it out.

Pretty cool bamboo forest on this fork

Take a Left

Kinda got off course, so took a left out to clearing. Go right.

Look right and go around fench.

Bear Left.

Fork ahead.  Bare left.