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Manana Ridge Trail

6.9 miles   1414ft elevation   Out & Back
AllTrails lists it as Hard

This was a tough hike with a lot of fantastic views along the way. You will see the Waihee valley and many beautiful views of the ocean. The trail is well maintained for the most part until you get higher up, There is a nice spot along the way with  a a picnic table. A nice place to take a water break. Some steeper inclines here and there but was definitely worth the effort and the weather cooperated with some very clear skies. The whole route is 6.9 mile, but I turned around a little past the 2.5 mile marker, making it a nice 5 mile hike.

Descent street parking near the trailhead.  It is in a residential area. Please be courteous and don't block someones driveway and take your trash with you.

The street dead ends at the trailhead.  Parking is not allowed here.

Squeeze through this part and continue up the path.

In just a short walk, you will find the official  trailhead marker on the left.

A longer downward trek to the bottom.  Of course thoughts of having to walk back up this incline after the hike was over didn't excite me.

Go left, unless you changed your mind and you wan to go to Waimano Falls instead.  It's only 3/4 of a mile, so maybe you could do both.

Follow the sign and go left at this T

Picture time with this really nice view.

A little further down the trail, you will come across this picnic table. You may not need a break right now, but it will surely be welcome on

Trail opens up more in the open now. Views on both sides.

I went a little further past this 2.5 mile marker, but saw clouds coming in by the top.  Decided the extra mile wasn't going to worth it with a cloudy view. I took a water break and then headed back.  Overall, a satisfying hike.

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