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Manoa Falls Trail

1.7 miles   633ft elevation   Out & Back Trail
AllTrails lists it as Moderate

Started this hike on a sunny day. Decent amount of parking available. I figured that the falls wouldn't be running strong, as we haven't had a decent rain storm in a couple weeks.  It was still moist in some areas, so again, I was glad I had my spikes on.  It just makes it so much easier, and removes 99% of the risk of slipping and falling on mud or slippery rocks.  I took my time and stopped for pictures, waiting for people to be out of each shot.  Although the falls were pretty weak, it was nice to hang out and see it.  The area had been closed all year for maintenance and opened back up in June, I believe, just in time for the heavy tourist months.  Take your time, enjoy the scenery and just enjoy the relatively calm hike.  You can get wet in the tidal pool if you want.  Just beware that some of the tidal pools in Hawaii may have a bacteria called "Leptospirosis".  Look it up for symptoms.  As with anything, you may not be affected at all, depending on your bodies immune system. I didn't add any comments for the pictures as this is a single path all the way to the falls and you can't get lost along the way.

This is what the falls can look like (not my picture)

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