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I spent 8 days in Cozumel and it was really nowhere near enough.  I super enjoyed my visit.  I connected with a local family who I met on their visit to Hawaii a few months back.  I certified their three kids for scuba diving and stayed in contact with them after they went back to Mexico.  I did not do very much sightseeing, as you can see from the pictures.  I spent several days at beach clubs with the family, and of course, the main reason I went down there was to scuba dive.  We also hired a boat to take us to an area locals call "Heaven", which is a shallow section off shore, where there are numerous manta rays swimming in and around all the people in the water.  One big place I had to go see was one of the Mayan Ruins.  It was an incredible sight to see. I hired a tour guide who explained a lot about their practices, ceremonies, and even the games they played back then.  The Mayans were definitely an ingenious society. I also took the time to have a Dolphin Experience, which I thoroughly enjoyed, as Dolphins are number one on my favorite marine life list, followed by turtles and octopus, or "Tako's" as we refer to them in Hawaii.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Scuba Diving
Dolphin Experience
Mayan Temple
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