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Bali Day 2

Today headed out at 10am for an ATV Ride. Supposedly a course like we did in Hawaii but this one turned out to be a lot bigger, driving through streams and pools of water. Loads of fun!! I invited Komang to do it with me. He had never been on an ATV before. They let us do the course about 6 times. The guide kept asking if we wanted to do it again, and of course, the answer was always Yes! They took us out of the course and down the road through nearby village and rice fields. A cool part of the ride also. The staff took a bunch of pictures, so I bought them all. We also took video and pictures from Komang’s phone, and the guide also used Komang’s phone to take some pictures and video, so that was great to get so many pics and videos. Showered and changed at the facility and got ready to head to the next stop. Next stop, Tegalalange Rice Terrace. Huge area where they grow rice on cut out levels on the hillside and around the bottom. It had tourist type things like big swings and ziplines. Also, an infinity pool about the size of two hot tubs that you would find at a hotel pool. Around six or seven people were relaxing inside it. There was a big stream at the bottom and two women were digging into the dirt wall to collect the dirt to mix with the cement for the things they were building there. I asked Komang how much money they make a day and he said about 8 dollars. Holy crap. Hard work for only 8 dollars. Its basically the same for servers at the restaurants we have eaten at. Of course, they get tips, but no wonder why the girls have loved me when I gave them an 8 or 10 dollar tip. Next stop, Tirta Empul Temple. Had to put on a sarong to show respect to the religion and to the temple. Its like a wrap-around material covering the waist and legs. They certainly do have a lot of temples here. Each village has a main temple. Every family has a temple instead of what we would call a house. The bigger the temple, the richer the family. Headed back to the hotel after a long day.

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