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Bali Day 3

Woke up around 4am. Couldn’t fall back asleep so I put my abs belt on and laid there on the bed, falling in and out of sleep for a little while. It started raining super hard around 5am or 6am. Steady downpour. I planned on eating breakfast right at 8am because Komang was picking me up at 8:30am. It is a 2 hour drive to the first stop today, Lempuyang Temple, also known as “Heavens Gate”. Arrived and paid at the bottom to get a sarong and given a number for getting my picture taken. I didn’t understand what the number was and how it came into play. Got on a bus and they took us up a steep and thin winding road up to the temple. Paid again to enter the temple. I took a bunch of pictures inside the temple and then realized that my number “150” was for my turn in line to get my picture inside the “gate”. They were only at “92” when I walked over by the “gate”. Ugghh. So it was going to be a while because the guys were taking 4 or 5 poses for each person or group in line, and some people in a group also did individual pictures. The guys taking pictures were using each person’s phone with a black mirror to get this really cool special effect. It was a long drive to get there, so I figured I might as well hang out to get my picture taken. It ended up waiting 2 hours, but in the end I think it was worth it. Headed out from there to the next stop, “Tirta Gangga”, also known as the “Kings Water Palace”. Pretty neat place with pools of water filled with huge gold fish. There were stepping stones inside the pools so you could walk around on top of the water. Evidently the King wanted this place for the Queen, somewhat like a fancy garden place for her. Left there and went to a nearby restaurant. It ended up being $23 dollars for both meals. I treated Komang. I had Chicken Satay with rice, a banana shake and coke. He also had a meal. Prices definitely cheaper here although it sounds expensive, 262,000 rupiah lol. We headed out from the restaurant to the next stop, “Tamanujung” which is another water palace from a king of a different generation. It was a very serene place with a building for each different thing like meditating, receiving guests, sleeping, eating, etc. After seeing all I could see, we headed back to the hotel, with heavy rain all the way.It was raining in Ubud at the start of the day but as we got further away, the rain stopped.Some streets were flooding a little bit and I felt sorry for all the people on Mopeds and motorbikes.

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