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Bali Day 9

Time to check out and head to Denpasar. Had a light breakfast at the hotel and packed up. Two guys from the hotel showed up to help with the luggage. I told them it would be about 10 minutes, so they just waited outside. Komang showed up on time. I paid for my laundry that the hotel did for me. It was like $3 dollars. Said my goodbyes to the staff.

Headed down the road. First stop, Bajra Sandhi Monument and Bali Provincial Public State Museum. Absolutely gorgeous museum. Stone sculptures everywhere and beautiful architecture. Inside the museum, they had large re-creations of all the points in history for Indonesia. I took pictures of each one. After completing the tour inside, we walked up to the Bajra Sandhi Monument. Very beautiful large stone sculpture. Leaving there, we went over to the Bali Arts Festival area. Not much going on. Walked around a couple buildings that had art, sculptures and “high end” clothes for sale. There were several places where they put on shows at night. Usually Balinese dancing. Left there and went to the Turtle Conservation Center. As the name sounds, they rescue turtles that are hurt and also rescue eggs from the beaches to allow them to hatch in a safer environment. A few turtles that were there were hurt badly, ie. cracked shells, loss of one or more flippers, etc. due to being hit by a boat or trapped in a fisherman’s net. We had a guide that walked us around the small area, telling us about all the different tanks and processes. I tipped him when we were done seeing everything and he was ecstatic. He said it was the first tip he has ever received. He ran around and showed his coworkers. Funny, funny. Next stop, McDonalds for lunch. Denpasar is one of the only places that has a McDonalds. They had some different things on their menu like spicy chicken wings and rice. Komang got 2 chicken legs, rice, soda and a sundae. I had 2 double cheeseburgers, large fry, large soda and a sundae. Side note, their large is like our medium, the cup is just a little bigger. Whole thing came to $11 dollars. Half as much as the US. Headed from there to GWK. This is home to a 400 foot tall statue of that “God”. Took a shuttle up to the top of the hill to see it. Took pictures and walked around inside it where they had a lot of sculptures of all the symbolic figures in their history. “Symbolic Creatures”. Took the shuttle down to the middle level which had a temple. Upon leaving , I decided to support one of the merchants and buy a couple of souvenirs. One was a wooden surfboard clock. He burned “Bali 2022” on it for me. Leaving there, we still had time to kill so we went to dinner and had pork ribs and rice. After dinner, we drove around through Kuta Village and Legian Village. Kuta was a built up area like Canggu. Not the real Indonesia. It also had a lot of restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Most appeared to be empty around 9pm. Komang said Kuta used to be the hot spot, but now Canggu is the hot spot for all the younger night life crowd. Drove through Legian Village.Second time his gas light has come on.Guess he tries to conserve as much money as possible and only put enough gas in to last for what he is doing.

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