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Bali Flight Home

Got dropped off at the airport at 10pm. First, had to scan checked bags coming in. and then stand in line for a while to drop bags off, show passport and get boarding ticket. Then onto a longer line to go through security, passport check again and have carry on x-rayed. Probably around an hour to head to gate. Got a big bottle of water and laid on my pillow at the gate, which I didn’t pack because I wanted to have it on the plane and especially have it for the 11 hour layover in Seoul, Korea. Got a message that the flight was delayed 45 minutes for maintenance issues. At 1:15am, it was exactly 45 minutes like they said, and I boarded and took my isle seat on the left. Guy next to me was heading to California. Before takeoff, a girl sitting in seat in front of me, with her husband/boyfriend moved to the center row next to us that had 3 of the 4 seats empty. I figured she was going to lay down, which was a great idea. I happen to spot a similar row, a few rows up and quickly moved to take advantage of being able to lay down. I slept in and out for the next 6 or so hours of the 8 hour flight, so the time went by pretty quick. Snagged headphones, temporary slippers, toothbrush, toothpaste and a couple blankets, just because…why not haha. Need to get something for the price of their tickets. Landed in Seoul, Korea at 9:53am. Walked around the airport slowly for a little bit to kill some time. Looked up what food joints they had. A lot of places were closed, which sucked. Ended up finding a Dunkin Donuts which was a bit of a walk from where my gate was. Had time to kill anyway. Ran into an older guy from the Netherlands, now living in Australia, after I got some breakfast. He talked my ear off. Nice guy though. Stayed talking with him for a little while, eating my donuts, but my breakfast sandwich was going to get cold so I faded out of the conversation and left. Stopped at one area on the way back towards my gate to listen to some young musicians playing classical instruments. They were very good. Decided I was going to take a shower in one of the “shower rooms”, but after walking around trying to find them, I asked one of the girls in a store, and she pointed me in the right direction only to find out they were closed due to Covid. There was a “nap room” right there, which is a bunch of curved, comfy beds with partitions in between to, yes, take a nap. Laid down and fell in and out of sleep until 3:00pm. Decided to try again to find a descent place to eat. Ran into a robot almost 6 foot tall. He was an interactive robot. You could search for stuff on its touch screen and it would lead you to the destination. I found a place with hamburgers and the robot lead me to it, quite a ways in the other direction. It turned out to be closed like the rest. Uugghh. I don’t know if they open later in the evening or what?? Decided I would head all the way back to Dunkin Donuts to at least get some more donuts to munch on. Got there finally thanks ever so greatly to the people movers. They actually sold hot dogs also, so I got one, a couple of donuts and an OJ. Headed to my gate to sit and wait for boarding in about 3 ½ hours. I was hoping the plane was not full so I could snag 3 seats again to lay down. Boarded the plane for an uneventful trip back home. No extra seats available unfortunately. Although it was a great trip, it will be nice to get back to Hawaii.

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