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Flight Day to Bali

Woke up very. Uuugghh. Decided to get up and take my time getting ready. I scheduled an Uber pickup last night for 6am. Boarding is at 8:00am, so wanted to give extra time to check-in since I have no idea what is involved in doing International Flights. 5:50am and no notification from App that driver is on the way. Decided not to chance it and called for another Uber. Then it said Declined because they had old card info. Got it figured out and driver on the way for 6:10am pickup. Got to the airport at 6:30am to meet with a very long line for check-in. Crap! Was hoping to get through it and not miss my flight. Got through passport checking and security finally and arrived at the gate 10 minutes before boarding. First flight to Sydney, Australia was 10 hours. I watched movies, played on my laptop and rested a little. I brought snacks so didn’t get food on the flight. You are required to pay for everything except soda and water. Landed in Sydney. Went the wrong way in the airport following people. Stood in a line and then found out I needed to go to International Flight Transit instead of Customs. I got a sandwich, chips and soda from one of the stores. A little over an hour wait before boarding for the 6 hour flight to Bali, much like California to Hawaii. Landed on time. Crossing the international Date Line, it is now actually Friday here. Went through Customs and got luggage. I was walking out to taxi area and a guy approached me asking if I needed a taxi. I said yes, but in retrospect, it was not a smart choice. He could have been a crook because he was waiting before all the taxis. He seemed like a very respectful guy, but I prepared myself to take action if needed. No problems. Guy just trying to make some money. It was a 25-minute ride to the hotel. He charged me 40 dollars and I tipped him an extra 10 dollars. I arrived at 11pm. The hotel ended up being in the middle of nowhere, but right on the beach. I got the drivers name, “Komang” and his phone number in case I needed a ride somewhere. So I began thinking I screwed up on my choice of hotel location, but too tired to worry about it tonight.

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