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Flight Day to Japan

I sold my horse Tucker last night. Sad to see him go but it just was not working out the way I dreamed. My body really suffered from the two times he threw me and the one time I had to dive out of the way when he spooked because he was tied up. Sometimes our dreams are better than reality. The lady that bought him, picked him up at noon. She sent me a picture of him getting groomed, which was nice. Hopefully she will take good care of him and work the heebie-jeebies out of him. Packed up, took a shower, and called an Uber. Last night I had called Hawaiian Airlines, because the App wouldn’t let me check in. It was confusing because I am taking Japan Airlines there, and Hawaiian Airlines back home. The lady on the phone told me I had to check in at the Hawaiian Kiosks. Of course, it could not find my flight there either. Went up to the counter and the lady told me that I need to check in with Japan Airlines. Had to walk to different terminal building where I checked in with no problem. I still had some time, so I got a water and snacks and then found where the gate was. They were not letting anyone sit inside the gate area yet as there was still an hour before boarding and they were probably doing there covid wipe down. I walked back to the food court and got a soda from Burger King because I really don’t like canned or bottled soda. By the time I walked back to the gate and sat down, it was starting to board. Nice setup. Full reclining seat that lays down to a bed, in its own cubicle. Melissa had the same setup when I flew her First Class to Hawaii. Nice 32” TV with plenty of movies to watch. Decent dinner given while I watched Furious 9. Then I started doing this journal. I am probably going to try and catch a few zzzz’s, about half way through the flight, so I will continue this later. Struggled trying to sleep of course. I think I may have dozed off here and there, but no luck for a solid 3 or 4 hours sleep I was hoping for. Landed and made it through customs and everything okay. I had to catch a shuttle bus over to Terminal 2 where the car rental place was. Of course, that was after wondering around and then asking the information desk how to get to terminal 2. The rental desk was not manned, and the hours of operation were from 9am – 8pm. So great! I ended up getting a taxi to the hotel. I will deal with the car in the morning. Checked in. Room is nice. Small, sort of, but that is supposed to be the norm in Tokyo. Not going to sit in the room all day anyway. Unpacked, took a shower, and then laid down for some well needed sleep.

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