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Flight Day to The Azores (Sao Miguel, Terceira and Pico Islands

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

The flight leaves at 10pm, so I packed up during the day and ran errands. I wanted to mail Steven’s birthday present before I left because I won’t be back until the 16th, which would be too late to get it there on time. I called for an Uber at 7:00pm. Guy came and picked me up. I had gone out through the garage to wait so neighbors would not see me with suitcase leaving. Loaded up the bags and headed to the airport. About ¾ of the way there I began thinking about the garage door and whether I hit the button to close it. I wasn’t sure and the driver thought I didn’t. He said he thought someone was home that was going to get it. So, I had him turn around and head back to the house. Sure enough, it wasn’t closed. Good thing I thought about it, and a good thing I had called for an Uber earlier then I had planned. We headed back to the airport. I checked my bag and then had to wait in a longer line for security, but it ended up moving along pretty descent. I got to board first because I was on my cane. My fractured hip still had not healed all the way from being thrown by my horse.

First leg of trip to San Francisco

I chose window seats for all the flights. Had two guys in my row. Cramped, cramped, cramped. Should have paid the extra money for at least Business Class. I brought an airplane pillow and blanket and tried to sleep, but it was not happening. Constantly in and out. Noisy people in the row in front of mine, laughing loudly off and on until they fell asleep. Landed and found my next gate. I walked around a little bit to find a food place and settled on getting a couple of donuts and a water in an aluminum bottle. First time I have seen anything like it. Only a 2-hour layover, so the wait went fast.

Second leg of trip to New York

Boarded 1st again. Was further back in the plane this time. Had two girls sit next to me so it was not as crowded as the first leg. Tried to sleep, but same luck. In and out. Woke up with 2 hours and 39 minutes left of the flight. Decided to just stay awake and watch a movie. I started watching Jurassic World:Dominion. Plne landed on time, but a little walk to my next gate. Found it and then walked around to find food places. Found a little food court that had custom burgers, and that was the name “Custom Burgers”. Not too bad, but of course, overpriced. Just hung out at the gate waiting to board. Decided to see if there might be a better seat available. The universe was looking out for me again, and there was a window seat in the exit door row near the front of the plane. Those are the ones that have no seats in front of you, so tons of leg room. It cost me some money to switch but decided it would be well worth it.

Last leg of the trip to the Azores (Sao Miguel Island)

Well, best laid plans. It was just me on the window seat and an older teenage kid in the aisle seat with no one between us. When the flight was almost loaded, there was some mix up with double seats assigned. It happened to be two different sets of newlyweds. The stewardess was hunting around for places to put the two. She came up with a solution with some seats further back in the plane. Then the kid had to go and volunteer to give up his seat and move so they could sit next to each other. The wife was on the small side, so it wasn’t crowded. I took 3 Benadryl before I boarded and tried to go to sleep. I did fall asleep, waking momentarily when they were going around with the drink cart, and my brain was confused, and I kept thinking we were sitting on the runway waiting to take off. I woke up with 2hrs left of the flight. Just kept trying to fall back asleep.

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