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Flight Home Day 8

I slept soundly thankfully and woke up a little after 7am. Good thing, as I fell asleep before setting an alarm. The taxi was coming at 8:50am. I packed up and went downstairs to wait. He was right on time. I arrived at the airport, checked in and waited for my flight.

First Leg of trip to Newark

Last night, I decided to upgrade my seat to one that had no seat in front of it, so more leg room. It was still a window seat on the right side of the plane this time. Have a nice couple sitting next to me. They were from Chicago. They gave us a meal and drink. I had the chicken, rice, and salad. After eating, I typed in the journal, but now the battery is going dead and I will have to continue this later. I’m either going to try and sleep or watch a movie. I ended up watching the first Jurassic World, and part of Bad Boys. The plane landed with a perfect smooth touchdown. Even the pilot joked about it when he gave his welcome to Newark speech. He goes, “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Newark with that perfect landing”. So, coming back from an international flight into the states, I had to go through customs to show my passport. They asked me if I have anything to declare, like cigarettes, alcohol, etc. and how much money I was carrying. Then I had to collect my suitcase and go to another part of the airport and check it back in again. Then I went over to the AirTrain to take it over to Concourse C. I found where my gate was and then I went to the food court I went to last time and got a pizza and soda. The pizza was actually pretty good. I found a charging table and finished watching the movie “The Host”. I had started watching it at the hostel. I just got notified the next plane was delayed. Looks like only a 20-minute delay. I need to go get a water in a little while, as I am going to take 3 Advil PM so I hopefully fall asleep on the way to LA.

Second Leg of Trip to LA

Well, it ended up being over an hour delay. We finally boarded and I had a nice lady sitting on the aisle seat. We ended up having an empty seat between us, so I was able to sleep quite a bit on the flight. The plane arrived at the airport a little after midnight. Of course, nothing open so I tried sleeping in the chairs at the gate. You can guess how that went.

Final leg to Honolulu. Home Sweet Home!

The plane was on time, so we boarded with a full aircraft. Had a window seat again with no window, lol. A very cramped flight with not so friendly people next to me. I had screaming kids behind and in front to the right. This is the only flight that has had it, so not too bad overall. 5 out of 6 isn’t bad. I tried sleeping off and on. Got a tomato juice and was reaching for something in my backpack and the cup fell between my legs. Luckily, I had a blanket on and it caught it instead of soaking my shorts. A little over halfway back. The trip was okay, but I can’t wait to get back home and get some rest. My sleep has sucked because of the international date line and time change.

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