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Japan Day 9

Updated: Mar 4

Universal Studios Japan day. Got breakfast on the way and arrived a little after 9am when it opened. I asked at the gate where to get an Express Pass and she told me they were all sold out. Oh well. Saved some money anyway because most rides had single rider line which was a lot quicker, sometimes only 5 minutes. The longest was around 30 minutes. Only two rides didn’t have the single rider line. One was Minions, and it was a two hour wait so I passed on that one. Went on most other rides. Harry Potter ride 3 times since only had to wait 5-10 minutes each time. Went to go to the WaterWorld Show, which started in about 2 hours so I stood in line nearby to get some churros and coke. That line was about and hour and 40 minutes lol, but I had time to kill. Show was great, but funny to watch because, of course, everything was spoken in Japanese, but literally the same show as in California. Went on the Jaws Ride to finish the day and walked around in some stores. Sun was setting, so decided to head back to the hotel and grab a bite to eat on the way. Tomorrow it is flight back to Tokyo.

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