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Japan Day 10 - Back to Tokyo

Updated: Mar 4

Got up after 8am and took my time getting ready. Showered and finished packing. Checkout is at 10am, so I headed out around 9:30am. Put map code in car GPS for gas station they want me to go to, and I didn’t do it right. Took me in the wrong direction so ended up going about 10 miles the wrong way. The GPS is all in Japanese so it is useless. Finally gave up and used my phone to head towards the airport, and from there, go get something to eat and then get gas. Have to return the car around 1pm. Flight is at 2:30pm. When I was going through security, my backpack was pulled. Girl called me over and it was my water, which I had just bought in the airport. She said it was not open, so it was okay. She asked where I was from and told her Hawaii and she got all excited, saying she wanted to visit there one day. I gave her my website card, and she said she would check it out and follow me on Instagram. I told her if she ever made it here, to contact me and I would show her around. I found the gate, sat down and I was working on my laptop when they called my name. I went up to the gate counter and they said my suitcase got pulled because I had lithium batteries in it. The girl walked me back down to the check-in area and I took the batteries out of the camera, which I had packed, and my two spares and put them in my backpack. All was good. Walked back through security again, got back to the gate and worked some more on my journal. Boarded the plane and landed no problem. Called the car rental place and they told me where to wait outside for the shuttle. It ended up being about 20-30 minutes before one got there. A couple of their shuttle vans had arrived but were already full with people they were supposed to pick up. Finally, a shuttle bus arrived and took me to the rental place outside the airport. The guy at the counter turned out to be Chinese, but spoke good English. I left there and headed towards the hotel, stopping at the same Family Mart nearby. I got another little sandwich, chips and grape soda. I got to the Hotel, checked in and ate. Organized my suitcase a little bit and went up to do wash again. The machine only took coins, so I went into the vending machine room and there was a little machine there, that I though was a change machine. Turned out it was a VOD Card (video on demand) card for the TV in the room, to be able to watch movies. I had already put in a 1000 yen bill. Uugghh. I went down to the check-in counter to get change for the machine. I tried to explain to the girl what happened, to try and get my 1000 yen back, but she wasn’t understanding. Oh well, it was only $7.22 so I just figured I would watch a movie or two. I started the laundry and put on a movie. Took a shower and organized my luggage. After the movie and laundry done, I packed up my suitcase and went to sleep.

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