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Japan Day 12 - Flight home

I woke up around 8am and it was raining outside. I checked out right before 10am and decided I would just return the car and walk around the airport until time to board. Even with an umbrella, It would just me miserable. I turned in the car and they drove me to the airport. I asked one of the girls where Hawaiian Airlines was, and she told me, but also said they won’t start checking in until 5pm. I had over 4 hours to kill. There was supposed to be a Subway Sandwich spot at the airport, so I asked at the Information Desk where it was. She said it was in Terminal 1. I was in Terminal 3, so I took the free shuttle over to it. Walked through he different floors of shops and restaurants, and didn’t see it. Maps, was no help, again, because the whole 3D issue, so I asked a lady in a store and she told me it was in the basement floor B1. I had visited floors 1 thru 5. I went down to B1 and still didn’t find it, so I ended up at McDonalds down there. I ate, walked around the floors some more, and headed back to Terminal 3. Walked around all the floors and then sat down near the check out counter and watched Netflix while waiting to check-in. In hind sight, the lady I had first asked where the check-in counter was, told me about the lounge upstairs that I could go to since I was Business Class. It didn’t really sink in as to what it was. Check-in started a half hour early, so I checked in and went to the gate. I watched some more Netflix while waiting; boarding was in a little over two hours. Boarded the aircraft and my seat was front row aisle on the right side of the plane. They were not cubicles as before, but spacious anyway. A Japanese man had the window seat and spoke perfect English. He introduced himself to me and we got into a long conversation before and after takeoff. He lives in Hawaii. His Mother-in law and another relative were in the center seats next to us, and he said his wife was back in row 34, which I think was economy. I thought that was weird but didn’t ask why. I tried to sleep on the flight, as the seats to go down flat but just dozed in and out. They fed us dinner and a light breakfast before landing. Landed, went through Customs, and got my suitcase. Grabbed an Uber for Home.

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