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Japan Day 3

Slept good after going to sleep a little early. Headed out for the first stop today, Kaminarimon Gate and Senso-ji Temple. Found parking pretty close. Huge beautiful entry gate and huge Temple. Walked around taking pictures, and then I went up to the temple entry which was cordoned off for entry and took pictures of the inside. Then I saw a small sign that said No Pictures. Well, a camera with a slash through it anyway. Ooppss. Left there and was trying to go to McDonalds nearby. I was trying to follow Maps directions and was turning left, but waited for people in the crosswalk. 2 Cops on bicycles stopped and walked over to me. I rolled down the window and he started yelling at me in Japanese. I told him no Japanese, and he goes oohh and points to go straight. Still do not understand what he was upset about. I believe I could turn left onto that street, oh well. Anyway, realized Maps was set to walking which is why it was going crazy. Found the McDonalds and parked in a lot about a 9-minute walk away. After eating, I headed to Kandanyoujin Shrine. Very big and colorful shrine. From there, I headed to the Tokyo SkyTree. Very tall monument. I got to the ticket desk but the girl told me that there was no visibility in the mid-section or at the top due to the weather. It had been raining off and on today and very overcast. No wonder there wasn’t any line, haha. I headed from there to the National Museum of Science. I could not find any parking lots near it so I headed back to hotel. I went to a Family Mart near the hotel and got a small ham and cheese sandwich and chips. I looked up parking for the museum and found the closest was a 10-minute walk away, so I will tackle that tomorrow.

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