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Japan Day 4

Went to bed early again last night. It is a gorgeous, clear day today. Headed out a little after 8:00am. National Museum of Nature and Science does not open until 9am anyway. Most things do not open until 9am and close around 5pm. Some things are 24 hours but 9am-5pm seems to be the norm. Got to the museum no problem. I did not get lost on the freeways so I am getting better. Found the parking garage right away. I had looked it up last night. However, when I started walking, Maps was getting all confused. I finally asked a guy for help. He didn’t speak English but kind of walked me in the right direction. I had turned right when I left the garage and there were stairs a little ahead that I had passed going back up to the left. There were walkways all over, hence Maps confusion because it couldn’t think in 3D, lol. Anyway, I found the museum. 6 floors of cool exhibits from the dinosaur age up to the present. I had seen a Wendy’s when I was walking in circles, so after the museum, it was lunchtime, so I walked over and ate. Headed back to the Tokyo Skytree and got my ticket. The wait was not too long. Since I wanted to go to the top, I had to buy the combo, midway lookout, and top lookout. Middle view was 340 meters (1,115 feet) and the top view section is 440 meters (1,443 feet). The entire tower is 550 meters (1,804 feet). Pretty nice 360-degree views in both walkways all the way around. You could see everything, all the way to the mountains. Perfect day for this visit. There were stores everywhere on the first 5 floors of the building. Walked through some a little bit and happen to find a Krispy Kreme Donut stand. Could not resist, so I got 6 donuts. Yummy. It was around 3pm when I finished. I was going to hit a McDonalds on my way; there are none close to the hotel. I found it but did not see any parking nearby, so I said the heck with it. I did not really need it and I had the donuts to munch on later anyway. Stopped at the same Family Mart near the hotel and got a grape soda and chips. Figured I would do my laundry tonight. The machines were one floor up. It was 500 yen ($3.58) to use the machine, which was unique, as it was a washer and dryer in the same unit. The TV in the room has a part where you can monitor the machine and you put a personal code number so no one can steal your laundry haha. Just looked up and realized it was done 4 minutes ago. Going to head up and get it. I fly to Osaka tomorrow at 2:30pm. I am going to go to one area, Odaiba, about 25 minutes away in the morning, because it has a couple of things to see. I must drop the car off at 1pm, so I will check out and bring my luggage with me.

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