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Japan Day 5 - Flight to Osaka

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Woke up early. Packed everything up, and headed over to Odaiba Park. Arrived there quickly. I found the parking garage right away. Starting to get a handle on this stuff. Walked into the area. There actually was not much there. A case of advertising over-stating the area. There was a mini Statue of Liberty, and a good view of the Rainbow Bridge, but that was about it. The Olympic Rings were supposed to be there, but I did not see them in the spot they were supposed to be. I sat around a little bit, talked on the phone and when it got to be after 11am, I walked a couple blocks to a good ole McDonalds and had an early lunch. Left there and found the gas station back near the car rental drop-off point. There were three gas stations that I had to use. They probably own them or have some sort of deal with them. I could not figure out how to do the pump, so a nice lady from inside helped me out. Kind of tough when instructions are in Japanese. Dropped the car off and they had a shuttle van take me and 3 others to the airport. Flight was in around an hour or so. I was given an isle seat which was nice. Landed, got baggage and with a little help from one of the airport girls, I found the next car rental place. They did not speak English so the guy had to keep calling an interpreter on the phone. Finally got the car and ran back into the airport to do a currency exchange so I had enough. Left the airport and found, yes, you guessed it, a McDonalds about 8 minutes away. I arrived to be shocked that they had a driveway and a drive-thru. Big change from Tokyo. Left there to the Hotel. Had difficulty finding how to get into it. I could see it from the road but no real obvious entrance, After about 20 minutes circling the block many times, I saw this little alley way which headed towards it. That was it. They had their own above ground multi-level parking structure. Checked in slowly, as again, no English. I thought it was automatic that they learned English in school, but maybe it was the Chinese, because I have not run into anyone yet that knew more then a couple words…. Not that they must. Had to pay for parking. 2500 yen total for the 5 days, which is $17.88. Far cry from Hawaii hotels that charge 35.00 a day. Room on the 11th floor. Small but with king bed as I requested. Going to unpack shower and get ready for tomorrow. This is definitely a 2-star hotel as google puts it but, it seems clean, so it should do. The price was right!

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