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Lost again.... OMG

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Well I went on a much needed hike yesterday to clear my head and decompress. The hike was to Waiakeakua Falls. I will talk about the hike in my Hiking section, but long story short, I got lost on the way back from the falls. I missed the trail somehow, and had no data service for my AllTrails App, so I was wandering around and backtracking for a while. There were no ribbons along the trail which lead to the difficulty and there were multiple trails off of the one I was on. I ran into a nice couple with their kids, and he kindly pointed out where I had missed the trail. But........ unfortunately I should have thought to ask if they entered on the same trailhead as I did. As you can guess, after more trudging around and backtracking, I ran into them again and he told me they came in a different way. So at this point I was tired, hot and frustrated at myself, so I followed the trail I was on out to the road, and called an uber to get me where i should have came out. So this is the second trail that I have been on in Oahu that the ribbons were "missing". I guess I can just look at this with rosy colored glasses and assume they just dried up, got brittle, and fell off. I don't know, I will leave that up to you and what you think.........

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