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Lost in the wilderness!

Well, thank goodness for a fully charged phone and google maps!! I went on the Mo 'Ole Falls Trail today. It was overgrown and terribly marked. I think some hikers purposely remove trail ribbons, uggghhh. Some people just need to get a life and grow the f*** up. The trail was hard to follow in a lot of places. I finally made it to the first waterfall and it was not very exciting, due to the lack of rain recently. I was not sure of where the trail went from there, to the second waterfall higher up, so I decided not to chance it. Sooooo on the way back, I got off the trail somehow and was definitely lost. Luckily I remembered the name of the street my truck was parked on, so I used google maps in the walking mode, to trudge through the trees until I could hear the highway nearby. Made it through all the brush and fallen tree limbs until I came upon a chain link fence along the road. Scaled it, lost one of my shoe spikes in the process and ended up along the highway about a 15 minute walk below where I parked. Shirt muddy and ripped, and thoroughly frustrated LOL Anyway, it was an adventure for the books. Tip: Always make sure your phone is fully charged and you have one of those external battery units. You never know when it you might need it!!!

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