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Pico Island Day 6

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

I took a drive this morning to find the Cochorro, which means dog. It is a rock formation shaped like, you guessed it, a dog’s head. Walked all over through this area, which had nice walkways, and great views of the ocean and rock formations. I never did see the formation but I have included pictures of it to show what I couldn’t find. My next stop was Gruta das Torres which is lava tunnel with a big opening up at the top. Pretty deep cavern and interesting inside. After I finished the tour, it was mid-afternoon, so I decided to head back to the hotel. I was kind of tired from all the terrible sleep I have been having. I wanted to mail something back to the states and found out where the post office was nearby. I decided to take a walk and found a store with some postcards. The nice lady at the counter, asked if I needed stamps also. I paid for the stuff and then asked if I could borrow a pen to fill them out. I opened the package of stamps and realized there were a lot of stamps in there, all $1.75 each. I asked her if I needed all of these, and she blushed and said oh goodness (paraphrasing) and just handed me what she charged me for. She thanked me for bringing it to her attention. She turned out to be the store owner, and we made small talk for quite some time. She was very good looking, but I saw a ring on her finger, so I assumed she was married. I headed back to the hotel and got my suitcase organized for tomorrow’s flight back to Sao Miguel. I laid on the bed watching the TV and fell asleep in and out the rest of the night.

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