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Re-evaluating Life......

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Had to hit the trail today! I just needed to get out in nature and work off some thoughts. Seems to be a recurring theme with me lately, as you have probably noticed. I really need to think about the choices and decisions I make and the way I present myself to others. Hiking really helps me do that!

Anyway, I picked Lulumahu Falls Trail today. It was a good hike. I got off trail again but quickly crossed over to where I needed to be. The problem I have lately, is that I am so lost in thought, that I miss a turn off or take a wrong turn altogether. Oh well, at least I had signal this time for my AllTrails App. The falls was beautiful and running really good today. I was the only one at it for about 25-30 minutes. Setup my camera and took a couple selfies right by it. I should have taken one right under it. That would have been a good picture. Water was a little cold but it would have been worth it. I only have 10 seconds to get in place, so it was a scramble over the rocks. I was going to stop at my beach in Waikiki (Kahanamoku Beach), but it was pretty cloudy. Just came home, laid out for about 30 minutes in the sun at my place, and relaxed the rest of the day. I have 3 scuba diving students tomorrow at the beach, so my day starts early again. Mahalo.

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