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Shower anyone......

Headed out to the Judd Trail / Nu'uanu Trail combo today. The Judd Trail is a mile long loop that has a small waterfall and large pool beneath it. You connect to the Nu'uanu Trail about halfway around the loop, which is an out and back trail. Soooo, it was partly sunny when I started the hike. I got about a third of the way up the Nu'uanu Trail and stopped for a water break. While I was sitting there, a torrential downpour started. I tried to hide under the trees, but that didn't help much. I quickly put my phone and camera in my backpack for protection from the rain, and stood there, getting completely soaked, for about 15 minutes to see if it would stop. Nope! Mother nature had other ideas. I decided to turn back and brave the rain and mud down to my truck. Good thing I brought a towel and change of clothes. I will continue the hike on another day soon. It was still fun and the rain actually felt really good for some odd reason. Maybe a little cleansing of the soul.

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