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Thrown from my Horse, sort of..

Well, my new horse, Tucker, was finally moved to his boarding spot. I was anxious to go riding, so I headed to the ranch, and saddled him up. I walked him into the training arena and when I started to mount him, he spooked and took off at a gallop with me hanging on his side because I didn't get my right leg all the way over before he bolted. He was headed toward the fence so I had to let go and hit the ground hard on my left side and my head. He kept running around the arena and got out through a small gate someone left opened, I was definitely in pain. After I was able to get up, I limped around slowly collecting the saddle he had knocked off against the fence and his pad. By the time I walked (limped) to his boarding area, the girls from the main area at the ranch had caught him and brought him back. Not what I was expecting from him and he definately caught me off guard. I finally got home and the pain got more severe. I laid down on the couch for a couple hours and then I couldn't get myself up. Luckily a friend was home and he came over and gave me a helping hand. He convinced me to go to the hospital because my shoulder did not look good. I decided to take his advice and caught an UBER. Well, it turned out my hip was fractured in three places, but no surgery needed. They said nothing was wrong with my shoulder, but there is. A whole other story. I already have my trip paid for to the Azores Islands, Portugal, a little over 5 weeks away so hope to be in decent condition by then. They said about two months minimum, but if you know me, I will be pushing that envelope.

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