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Trip to Bali - Preflight

Juggling a lot of things to start. Falling in love with Tucker, my new horse, and trying to get the sale and boarding coordinated. Figuring out luggage for the trip. International flights list everything in kilograms. I’m only allowed 1 checked bag up to 44lbs. I had to pay extra to have 2 bags with a total of 66lbs because I am planning on bringing my fins, mask, wetsuit and dive computer for my scuba wreck dive. Carry-on backpack only allowed 15lbs. so I have to be picky. So just a backpack and pillow for onboard. I was confused about the whole luggage thing, so I went and bought a suitcase smaller then the two I have for my dive stuff and a couple other things. I also remembered to get a converter to plug in, because they use different style plug overseas and it is 220v instead of 110v. I have chosen 5 things to do for planned events. The first two days, nothing planned (Saturday and Sunday). Monday is all day tour of the area in and around Ubud. Tuesday, I scheduled a wreck dive. Wednesday is going to a temple and a couple things near it. Thursday is all day trip to Heavens Gate Temple and things in the area near it. Friday is an ATV Ride. I hired a girl to check on Apache twice a day. She seems very nice and lives in Aiea which is about 15 minutes away. I put up a second camera on the deck so I will have good views of him while I am gone. Bought some more 5-gallon jugs so she will have plenty of filtered water to give to him. I booked the Bali Hilton which is probably more expensive than I needed but I wasn’t sure on where a safe place would be so figured I would go with a brand name.

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