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Trip to Japan - Preflight

Found a good flight from Hawaii to Tokyo. I paid more for Business Class this time around. It is just not comfortable in Economy with these long flights. It is not going to be as long of a flight compared to Bali or The Azores Islands. 8 hours compared to 18 or 24. Leaves at 4pm on the 11th. 8 hour plane ride. I will actually arrive on the 12th at 8pm because of the time difference. They are 19 hours ahead of Hawaii.

Got a hotel not too far from the airport. I, on second thought, wish I had got a hotel closer to the center of all the things I am going to try and see, but the prices were outrageous. I have prepared a list again of all the places I want to see. Of course, there is so much to see and do, that I left some things off. I could literally spend the whole 10 non-flying days just going around Tokyo. I will be in Tokyo until the 17th.

From there, I will fly to Osaka. I got a hotel not too far from the Airport again. I prepared a list for Osaka and Kyoto. Again, too many places and things to see, especially since I am splitting the 4 non-flying days between the two. Going to stay around Osaka on Friday, go to Kyoto on Saturday. Depending on what I get done or what is higher on the list, I will either stay in Osaka or go to Kyoto Sunday. That following Monday I bought a ticket for Universal Studios, so that day is full. Tuesday the 22nd I will fly back to Tokyo and fly out the next day. I got a rental car for both places. It’s going to be interesting again, since they drive on the left side of the road like Bali. I did okay in Bali, but I was on a Moped, so we will soon find out. I tried to have really good info for the things on my list this time around. Looked up each thing, and added days and times the place is open. That way I hopefully will not waste time going to something that may not be open.

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