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Trip to The Azores - Preflight

I took a lot more time planning this trip out. I researched each island to see what places would be good to visit. I made a list for each island and created big maps so I could figure out where each thing was. Then I created itineraries for each island. I packed quite a few things on each list, so I may not get to all of them, as some things are going to chew up time, such as the caves and the lava tubes. The islands are not that big, maybe 45 minutes to an hour to go from one side to the other. I contacted Kaylie again to watch Apache. I’m packing light. Just necessary clothes and clean-up supplies. I am taking the smaller suitcase I bought when I went to Bali. I’m not looking forward to flying economy. I have gotten used to flying First Class, and with my hip getting sore when I sit for a while, it probably is not going to be too fun. We will see.

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