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Twin Falls

1.8 miles   347ft elevation   Out & Back
AllTrails lists it as Hard

The access to Twin Falls is provided to the public for free by Wailele Farm.  They have a nice stand right before you enter.  The parking lot is right off the Hana Highway and is a nice size.  However it does gets full quick, so you may have to cruse back and forth until someone leaves. The hike is a not that long, with a nice path for most of the way.

Nice size lot.  That's the road to Hana in the background

Good Farm Stand right at the entrance in case your thirsty

Starts off with a nice wide walkway

Stream was really running good today.  That's always a good sign

First waterfall along the way

Second falls along the way

Continuing on to the Twins

Third Falls along the way

Final gate to the Twins. Turns into a Moderate Hike from here

The sign says it all....

Nice size lot.  That's the road to Hana in the background

You have to cross the stream here

.... and there they are!

I left this picture in, just because of the look on my face. LOL  I think you can see the frustration on my face, as I took multiple pictures, trying different camera settings, that didn't come out.

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