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Waiakeakua Falls Trail

2.4 miles   958ft elevation   Out & Back Trail
AllTrails lists it as Moderate

For this hike, you actually start on the The Pu'u Pia Trail which is located on Alani Drive near Honolulu. There is plenty of parking along this road. After a short walk on a paved path, you will reach the trailhead. Unfortunately it hadn't rained in a little while so I wasn't expecting a great flow today. The falls are located in the Manoa Valley Rainforest. You will descend into the valley by veering off the Pu'u Pia trail and down a steep slope.  You will cross streams, wet or dry, depending on water flow, hop over  rocks until you reach a series of waterfalls.

Plenty of street parking near the trail

Follow the paved path on the right for a short time

Here is the trailhead to Pu'u Pia

A rocky start to begin with

Follow Pu'u Pia Trail for a little ways

Lots of roots through this part

After a little ways in, you will see this tree stump.  Hopefully it is still there for you.  Look to the right and you will see and opening in the bushes with a steep trail down the side

Take a right at this junction

Don't go into the creepy hole lol

Pick up the trail on the right side of the stream

Another creep y hole!

Watch your step here.   It's a little degraded

Into the creepy tunnel I go

A little obstacle up ahead

Here is the first falls

Follow the ropes up the side to the second falls

Decent flow on the second falls

Follow the path to the third falls

This is a slippery climb.  Good thing there is a rope to help!

Small little third falls leading to the fourth falls

The fourth falls.  Largest of all of them

After a nice water break, it's time to head back after taking a selfie!

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