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Waihee Ridge

4.0 miles   1591ft elevation   Out & Back
AllTrails lists it as Hard

This was a tough hike with a lot of fantastic views along the way. You will see the Waihee valley, Makamakaole Falls in the distance, Waihee and many beautiful views of the ocean, the Haleakala side of Maui. The trail is well maintained, with a couple of benches at some nice viewpoints along the way. There is even a picnic table at one section. The paved hill you start the hike on will kick your butt, and you will encounter several sections on the steeper side.  It was definately worth the effort and the weather cooperated with some very clear skies.

I would get there early so you can go through this gate to park in the upper lot.  Otherwise you have to park here in the lower lot and walk quite a bit.

This is the upper lot with room for about 30 cars

A couple toilets so you can go before you start this long hike

Although it doesn't look it in the picture, this was a pretty steep initial climb

The view looking backwards

Once you make it to the top, then the trail goes into the woods

You will pass by these beautiful cook pines

The first bench along the way to sit and take in the view

That's Makamaka'ole Falls off in the distance.  That is a great hike also

Starting to get a bit higher now

First mile done.  A couple more to go

It gets quite a bit steeper with switchbacks the rest of the way

Still seeing those beautiful views

These markers are nice.  At least you know how far along you are

Not too bad through here ........

..... and then it quickly gets steep again

Final push to the end

This is the upper lot with room for about 30 cars

Made it to the end with a nice viewing platform

A few selfies and a water break, and time to head back down

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