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Waimano Tunnels Loop Trail

2.5 miles   488ft elevation   Loop Trail
AllTrails lists it as Easy

This hike is located in the center of Oahu near Pearl City. It starts at the end of Waimano Home Road. You will see a gated off area. Just before the gate is a dirt lot where you can park your car. Follow the trail to the left around the fence. You will hike along the Upper Waimano Ridge trail, with pretty good views of the Waimano Valley. The cool and eerie part of this hike is you can walk through up to 10 different tunnels along the way that were previously used as an irrigation system. I hiked the upper trail, coming back on the lower trail to make it a loop.  There is not much to see on most of the lower trail, but its a nice walk through the forest.

You can't go any further here, so park on the road.

The trailhead is on the left side

I took the upper trail to make it a loop....

... so go right here and follow the fence line for a bit

You will enter the forest here

Real quickly you will have your first viewpoint

Hang a left here

Up some stairs .....

... to a bench to sit and take in the view

A nice house away from everything!

Tunnel #1  You can just see it on the right side

Don't go left here.  You will catch it on the way back

Very shortly you will come upon tunnel #2

Look to the right and you will see tunnel #3

After this sign you will come upon tunnel #4

This one had water in it but I went through anyway

.... and I met a friend!

Another view of the valley ahead

.... and then you will come upon tunnel #5

Stream pretty dry today

Shortly after the sign you will see tunnel #6

Getting really overgrown here so I decided this was a good turnaround point

So now back down to connect with lower trail

I took the outside trail around tunnel 6

Hang a right here to get on the lower trail

Not much to see here.  Just a walk back through the woods

You can poke through the trees on your right to see the streambed

Someone cut out a section of the log.... that's Aloha for you

And back at the beginning!

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