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Waimoku Falls

3.8 miles   908ft elevation   Out & Back
AllTrails lists it as Moderate

Plenty of parking here

A good sign to pay attention to

Here is the start of the hike

It is a well-marked "tourist" trail

A nice re-creation of living quarters

You have to cross the road at the beginning

A lot of warning signs along the way ......

... as well as trail signs.  You can't get lost on this hike

The Makahiku Falls off in the distance

Nice size lot.  That's the road to Hana in the background

A nice bridge to cross  over the river

A nice bridge to cross  over the river

Another waterfall along the way.  I don't know this ones name

A nice gorge below

.... and a walk through a lot of bamboo

A good boardwalk to keep you out of the mud in this section

Getting close now.  A lot of water movement

Can't get any closer then this "legally"

It is a beautiful site and they were running strong

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