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Waipuilani Falls Hike

1.9 miles   688ft elevation   Out & Back Trail
AllTrails lists it as Moderate

This was a pretty descent hike.  Plenty of parking at Pali Lookout. To get to the trailhead, you walk back down the entrance road a couple hundred feet and look to the left for the entrance.  The trail was marked okay, but I tend to rely more and more on AllTrails these days.  A lot of trail markers have fallen off or been removed.  No real views along the way.  It's a hike through the woods all the way.  The falls were not running that strong, but it was still a great scene.  There was also a creepy cave that you can climb up to and go in.  It doesn't go too far in thankfully as it reminisced scary movies "Don't go in the creepy dark cave!"

After parking, walk back down the road a little ways

Look to the left and you will see the trailhead

You have to cross this concrete channel.  I had my spikes on, otherwise it might be slippery

A huge fallen tree that got uprooted

Just a little obstacle to climb over

Another uprooted tree... makes you wonder what kind of storm rolled through here

A little fancy footwork required here

Go right at the fork.... at least, that's what I did

A little bamboo forrest

Someone put a nice handrail

Wow!  An actual trail marker.....

Always a welcome site... another trail marker

I veered to the left

My notes say I went down a hill at this point....

I veered left at the fork coming up

Roots.... always roots :-)

Getting close.  I hear water running!

Don't go in to the creepy cave!!!  LOL

Enjoying the view.  Pretty cool, even though not running strong.

This is not my picture.  Just an example of what the falls can look like.

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